John Flanagan – 2016 Candidate for Cunningham

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John Flanagan
Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting).
Candidate for Cunningham (2016 Federal Election). 

John Flanagan

John Flanagan

The details of the media release for the 2016 Federal Election was as follows:-

I am a civil engineer from Thirroul. I am standing in Cunningham to highlight what I believe is the unjust family law system in Australia.

I am the parent of two girls from a de facto relationship. I was shocked at how much the court was both unfair and inequitable to parents after divorce or separation.

The family law and child support system does not allow for a fair go in most of the cases.

I belong to the Fairness In Child Support (F.I.C.S.) group located in Coniston.

There are more than one (1) million children that live in single parent families. I want to ensure children maintain a continuing and close relationship with both parents, grandparents and other family members, after divorce or separation.

I am also campaigning to try and stop family assets from being stripped by the legal expenses which result from the adversarial nature of the family law system.

John Flanagan

John Flanagan

There are better ways.

For example, I want to try and abolish both the Child Support Agency and the Family Court and replace them with conciliation within a tribunal system.

We support more affordable housing and more health availability. We also support better employment opportunities and greater investment.

We oppose the carbon tax and coal seam gas mining.

Polices can be found at:

Contact details are located at:

John Flanagan

(A PDF of the above details can be downloaded here).

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