Eric Greening, Lead Candidate for the NSW Senate.

Eric Greening was our NSW Senate Candidate at the 2016 Federal Election.

My name is Eric Greening. I am the lead Senate candidate for the Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) in NSW.

I will ensure that there is a review of the family and child support systems with the view to the:

Implementation of a presumption of equal time shared parenting, as a starting point. This is with respect to any divorce or separation.

Reversal of the taxation treatment of child support payments;

Exclusion of overtime pay from child support calculations and the setting of a fairer payment cap on child support payments;

Ensuring that non-custodial parents are not financially penalised through the child support system. This is because the custodial parent chooses not to work when they have the ability to do so or they cease work due to a pregnancy by another partner;

Creation of a link between court-ordered custody arrangements and child support payments;

Provision of more resources for the Family Court system, and

Ensuring, in general, that there is fairness in both systems.

Eric Greening-

Eric Greening. Lead NSW Senate Candidate


          Eric Greening shares his story of divorce and parent alienation at Voice 4 Kids Summit

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