Report on the 2010 Federal Election


We will be running candidates in the 2013 Federal Election. This is to be held on 14 September 2013.

We thank everyone for their assistance in the 2010 Federal Election. We were quite happy with the increased level of support that we received from the electorate.

We only contested seats in New South Wales this time around. In the past, we have usually had candidates in at least four (4) states of Australia. However due to the lack of time and resources, we were restricted to NSW for just this 2010 Federal Election.

Our vote in NSW has steadily increased since the 2007, 2004 and 2001 Federal Elections and the 2002 Federal By-Election.

For example, our 2010 Cunningham result has increased by 2 1/2 times since the previous 2007 result. Our 2010 Throsby result is even higher than our 2010 Cunningham result (Throsby was not contested in 2007).

This indicates that the electorate is being increasingly more aware of our issues.

Details of the present and some earlier NSW results are provided below:

Cunningham (Wollongong. NSW) 2010 Federal Election results – 1,240 votes (our candidate was John Flanagan).

Throsby (Shellharbour, NSW) 2010 Federal Election results – 1,595 votes (our candidate was Wayne Hartman)

Our NSW Senate Vote in 2010 was 3,616 votes (our candidates were Andy Thompson and Roland Foster)

In comparison, some of  our previous NSW Federal Election results* were:

Cunningham 2007 Federal results were 489 votes (our candidate was John Flanagan).

Macarthur 2007 Federal Election results were 306 votes (our candidate was Andy Thompson).

Cunningham 2004 Federal Election results were 355 votes (our candidate was John Flanagan).

Parramatta 2004 Federal Election results were 777 votes (our candidate was Alex Peniazev).

Cunningham  2002 By-election results were 556 votes (our candidate was John Flanagan).

Senate – NSW 2007 results were 2538 votes (our candidates were John Geremin and Roland Foster).

Senate – NSW 2004 results were 2932 votes (our candidates were Grahame Marks and Andy Thompson).

Note: * Our party also contested Senate seats in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia in 2004 and 2007.

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