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The NCPP(EP) Family Law – Child Support Policies

NCPP(EP) Party Policies (non-Family Law and Child Support)  – providing our position on other various important issues, that are not Family Law and Child Support issues.

Essential Changes that we require to the existing Laws

NCPP(EP) submissions to various Government and non-Government inquiries since 2003.

NCPP(EP) speeches at formal functions that we have attended as representatives of our party.

NCPP(EP) photographs taken at our street protests.

NCPP(EP) interviews with the media.

Recommended Allocation of your Voting Preferences – after allocating your first preference to the NCPP(EP).

NCPP(EP) Membership Form (in pdf format).

NCPP(EP) Membership Form (in word format).

NCPP(EP) Change of Contact Details Form (in pdf format) – to assist  existing members advise us of any changes to their contact details.

NCPP(EP) Change of Contact Details Form (in word format) – to assist existing members advise us of any changes to their contact details.

Membership Request – if you cannot download the membership application form from our web-site.

NCPP(EP) Background and Election  History



Standard Joint Parenting Agreement

Typical Parenting Plan (in pdf format)

Typical Parenting Plan (in word format)

The Next Federal Election date is likely to be in 2016.

Election Expenses.

43.8 per cent Unemployed.

How to Get Involved.


Press and Other Media – for press and other media inquiries.

Contact Us – for general inquiries.


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