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The 2013 Federal Election Details, including Photographs of Our Candidates.

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The next Federal Election has to held by 12 January 2017. It will be almost held well beforehand.

We are only registered as a political party at the Federal Level. Therefore we only contest general elections and by-elections, at that level.

Our five (5)  NCPP (EP) candidates for the previous 2013 Federal Election were:-

1.  John Flanagan, Candidate for Cunningham (Wollongong, NSW)


John Flanagan is a civil engineer from Wollongong. NSW.

2. Wayne Hartman, Candidate for Throsby (Shellharbour, NSW).

        Wayne Hartman is a tradesman at Bluescope Steel, Port Kembla.

            3. John Zabaneh, Candidate for Flinders (Phillip Island, Vic) 

John Zabaneh is from Victoria. He has campaigned against the current family law system for many years. He is a true hero.

4. and 5. Andy Thompson and Josh Thompson, NSW Senate.

     Andy Thompson Josh Thompson

Andy and Josh Thompson are self-employed from Douglas Park, NSW.

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