43.8 per cent unemployed.

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The figure of 43.8 per cent unemployment figure is derived from the publication Child Support Scheme Facts and Figures 2006-2007. This was published by the Child Support Agency (now called the Child Support Programme).

This publication was previously published on an annual basis. The figures show a continual upward trend in unemployment.

We have used the number of people on minimum child support payments to work it out. This is from Table 5.2 of the Child Support Scheme Facts and Figures 2006-07.

Child support amendments to the  legislation were made in 2006. As a result of the new legislation, fixed child support payments were brought in play. This disguised the numbers of payers on mimimum payments.

The last publication was the Child Support Scheme Facts and Figures 2008-09.

The last unemployment figure that can be safely used is from Table 5.2 of the Child Support Scheme Facts and Figures 2006-07.

The calculations are as follows:

Number of unemployed liable parents = 349,906/797,978 = 43.8 per cent (Table 5.2 of the CSSFF 2006-07).

Therefore the unemployment figure was 43.8 per cent for 2006-2007.

The previous unemployment figures for 9 years are  shown below:

2007-present*      (refer to the note below)

2006-2007            43.8 per cent

2005-2006            43.2 per cent

2004-2005            40.5 per cent

2003-2004            40.7 per cent

2002-2003            39.6 per cent

2001-2002             38.2 per cent

2000-2001             39.0 per cent

1999-2000             36.9 per cent

1998-1999              36.4 per cent

(ref. Tables 5.1 and 5.2 of the Child Support Scheme Facts and Figures for those respective years.)

* For us to provide any percentages for later years after 2007 would be misleading. This is due to legislative changes made in 2006 that required a significant number of child support payers to have been artificially assessed at a higher fixed child support income than which they should have been assessed.
Unfortunately the Child Support Programme has continually avoided replying to requests for more current information.
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